Motivational Awards Set to Rock Nigeria

May 22 2016 / Written by  / Published in News


Motivational Awards is different from the rest and is envisioned to be the leading inspiration of honour for achievement in Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation, Public Service, Entertainment and sustainable community development. The awards serve to acknowledge and pay tribute to motivational individuals and business entities in Nigeria, we believe if we all unite and collectively fight the multi-dimensional phenomenon of poverty through the instrumentality of support and encouragement. Nigeria will be a better to live and do business, we need to begin to maximize every opportunity to encourage and empower people in Nigeria so that everyone can realize their dreams.


The awards is open to individuals and business entities in Nigeria that are contributing to a community and national development with substantial, measurable progress during the judging and eligibility.


The awards will play a more influential and supportive role throughout the year, with focus and attention on support initiative and compliance to standards and best practices.

As part of the drive towards the development of human capacity and sustainable national development, there will be a 15 minute lecture from a well known resource person/expert who will speak on a topic in line with the objectives of the awards.


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An Award that seeks to recognize individuals and companies who overcame deprived positions to become a success story.